Clinic Management Software

Clinic-Aid is a software package designed to help a busy nutritional therapy practice cope with the workload and to help with research and collecting data. It has been working for well over ten years and is evolving as the needs change.

Are you snowed under with paper work and files?

Do you have trouble keeping track of orders and payments?

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Clinic-Aid is designed so that your files are available at a click of your mouse. Get a phone call from your client and you can easily find out all about them, without struggling to find their files from the filing cabinet.

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Reflective Practice is key to modern approaches for a variety of therapies, Clinic Aid offers a solution find out more by clicking here.
Clinical Audit is built into Clinic-Aid as it uses MYMOP (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) to monitor your patients progress. giving you the mechanism to see how your clients are progressing and to provide data to show the efficacy of your treatments.

Support for Clinic Aid We are fully behind you and the service you provide, so we will provide you with the personal support for Clinic-Aid you need. Clinic-Aid has been developed and used in a real practice for many years. There is a active question and answer system on the web site that will grow over time, allowing you to ask questions or commenting on others.

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Free trial for Clinic Aid just email us for a trial licence code, you get the full functional software, just limited to a small number of records. One Month Free, limited offer, apply now to get a one months free licence.
However you can then buy a years licence, update the licence key and you are set to go.
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